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Local,Green & Good Paying Jobs

Yes on Measure B will attract cutting-edge businesses in clean technology and sustainable agriculture to Davis.


Measure B - Yes to Local Jobs, Affordable Housing & 100% Clean Energy

By voting Yes on Measure B, Davis voters will enable the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus (DISC) to be built on the northeastern corner of Davis. A city priority for decades, DISC will fulfill Davis' vision of becoming home to a world-class, university-related research center. It will advance discoveries that will improve lives around the globe while generating millions of dollars of benefit to our City, all at no taxpayer expense.

Why Yes on Measure B?

  • Brings Local, Green & Good-Paying Jobs
    Yes on Measure B will attract cutting-edge businesses in clean technology and sustainable agriculture to Davis, creating many good local jobs for people with diverse skills and passions. The employment opportunities created by DISC will be enhanced by the campus’s proximity to UC Davis, generating anticipated annual compensation exceeding $500 million. DISC will also provide an exciting complement of meaningful internship and fellowship opportunities for younger Davis residents and UC Davis students.

  • Addresses Affordable Housing Shortage
    Yes on B will result in the single largest investment in affordable housing in the history of Davis. It is designed to be a place where enterprising young professionals can live near where they work, with close access to Davis’ vibrant business corridors and the kinds of recreational amenities that make Davis a great place to live. 

  • Provides Bold Environmental Leadership
    Yes on Measure B  is green from the ground up, both by attracting sustainability leaders and utilizing best practices like advanced water recycling, electric vehicle integration, and new bike and pedestrian improvements, all completely paid for without taxes. This bold and visionary project is committed to sourcing 100% of its energy use from clean energy sources, for both its housing and commercial spaces, including extensive onsite solar generation. If approved, DISC will be the most environmentally friendly campus of its kind in the nation.

  • Advances UC Davis Technology Globally
    Yes on B approves an advanced research and development campus that has been a City and UC Davis priority for decades. The project managers have worked closely with university leaders, researchers, and students to forge a project that meets UC Davis’s needs and enhances its academic reputation. By focusing its research capacity on solving significant environmental concerns, DISC will also enhance our reputation as a community that cares.

  • Strengthen Davis' Reputation for Educational Excellence 
    Yes on Measure B will result in an annual investment of $1.3 million annually into the Davis Joint Unified School District, helping to enhance educational opportunities for our children. DISC also will attract more knowledge-based businesses, capitalizing on our highly educated workforce, providing new off-campus experiences for students, and making Davis an even more special and interesting place to live.

  • Improves Quality of Life for Residents
    Yes on Measure B will add more than $5 million annually to the City of Davis budget for essential services and amenities like parks, greenbelts, and sports and recreation facilities. As our City works to balance its budget in an economic downturn, Yes on B is a real opportunity to make our local economy more versatile and resilient, which benefits all Davis residents. 

For our children and our communities...

“The Davis Innovation & Sustainability Campus will help Davis realize the incredible possibility of the knowledge economy... clean tech and sustainable agriculture business going into this project will bring good local jobs, and help the young professionals in our community...We have the opportunity right in our backyard to do this....This is about moving into the future for our children and our communities."

CA Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry


Pam Marrone

Founder of Marrone Bio Innovations

“With UC Davis right here, Davis has always had tremendous potential to create an innovation economy, but Davis continues to under-perform in our potential to attract, retain and grow startups and other R&D-related businesses… because of a lack of suitable facilities. The current proposal by DISC… would be a badly needed addition to Davis to create jobs and grow our entrepreneurial sector.”

A City & University Vision 20+ Years In the Making

The Davis City Council first identified the need for an innovation campus in 1996, with the DISC property soon identified as the best available space in the City. Situated in northeast Davis, the DISC project proposal has gone through years of refinement and improvement, including the addition of the most significant investment in affordable housing in Davis history. After hundreds of hearings and meetings with the City Council, City Commissions, UC Davis partners, and community leaders in business, education, greenspace, and clean energy, DISC is finally ready for voter approval. Yes on Measure B is supported by more than ten current and former Davis councilmembers, and UNANIMOUSLY supported by the current Davis City Council. For more information please (click here).

*Rendering of DISC mixed-use housing

for superior environmental design

For a Brighter Future, Vote Yes on Measure B

Davis is a special place, and DISC is a visionary project that lives up to our values. It is designed to solve the kinds of problems that plague humanity and our planet, attracting inspiring companies that are ready to be leaders in clean tech and sustainable agriculture. Measure B Davis, DISC will create many good and local green jobs and is committed to 100% clean energy sourcing. It makes the single biggest investment in affordable housing in the history of Davis. The project will bring millions of dollars to the City budget, more than a million to support Davis Joint Unified School District, and invest in amenities like sports fields open and accessible to all its neighbors. Change is inevitable, but DISC enables our City to plan for the future in a way that embraces environmental leadership, housing affordability, and thoughtful collaboration between UC Davis and the broader community. Vote Yes on Measure B.

Please join hundreds of community, education and business leaders who stand in support of Measure B and our movement to advance innovation and sustainability both here in Davis and beyond.

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