Measure B Project Details

The proposed Davis Innovation & Sustainability Campus, Measure B is designed to meet the needs of Davis, with economic activity, city investment, and housing that addresses the challenges we face. Informed by Davis values, the project will attract innovative companies making their mark on the world, lead the way on sustainable design by sourcing 100% of its energy from clean sources, and make the largest contribution to affordable housing in the history of Davis.

DISC Project Features

R&D, Office and Lab Space: 44.7 acres/1.5 Million SF

Supporting UC Davis startups and attracting industry leaders in agriculture, medicine, & clean technology

Advanced Manufacturing Space: 57.2 acres/884,000 SF

Creating more than 6,000 thousands of good jobs in Davis and more than 9,000 in Yolo County for people of all skill sets and passions.

Residential & Mixed Use Housing: 27.4 acres/850 Units

Providing both workforce and record-setting Affordable housing.

Parks, Green & Communal Space: 49.8 acres

Protecting threatened species, creating native habitat, and increasing recreational opportunities.

Hotel and Conference Center: 160,000 SF

Accommodating business travelers and hosting major conferences.

Ancillary Retail Space: 100,000 SF

Reducing single occupancy vehicle trips by supplying on-site employee options for food and beverages.

Multi-Modal Transit Plaza

Providing transit access to UC Davis, Sacramento and the Davis train depot.

Parking with Solar Energy Generation

Using parking areas to generate renewable energy and reduce the heat island effect.

For a Brighter Future, Vote Yes on Measure B

Davis is a special place, and DISC is a visionary project that lives up to our values. It is designed to solve the kinds of problems that plague humanity and our planet, attracting inspiring companies that are ready to be leaders in clean tech and sustainable agriculture. Measure B Davis, DISC will create many good and local green jobs and is committed to 100% clean energy sourcing. It makes the single biggest investment in affordable housing in the history of Davis. The project will bring millions of dollars to the City budget, more than a million to support Davis Joint Unified School District, and invest in amenities like sports fields open and accessible to all its neighbors. Change is inevitable, but DISC enables our City to plan for the future in a way that embraces environmental leadership, housing affordability, and thoughtful collaboration between UC Davis and the broader community. Vote Yes on Measure B.

Please join hundreds of community, education and business leaders who stand in support of Measure B and our movement to advance innovation and sustainability both here in Davis and beyond.

Paid for and authorized by Yes on Measure B | FPPC#: 1428242 Committee major donor from Buzz Oates LLC, including Larry Allbaugh and affiliated entities, Ramco Enterprises, including Frank C. Ramos & Joanne M. Ramos and affiliated entities, and R&B Delta III, LLC, including Jon Reynolds and affiliated entities