UCD grad students endorse DISC

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

On May 27, 2020, the UC Davis Graduate Student Association took a strong statement of support by unanimously passing a resolution, 69-0-0, to endorse the Davis Innovation and Sustainability Campus.

DISC, recently rebranded from Aggie Research Campus, would provide 187 acres of space for critical community needs, including sites for startups, research and technology companies, and housing for young professionals. Members of GSA specifically noted the lack of housing and startup space in Davis as critical reasons for their support.

“The graduate student community is excited to see more prospects for locations to spin off our research into new companies and expand our professional opportunities at private companies,” said Jonathan Minnick, GSA President. “The addition of housing on the DISC site would help our members live and work in Davis, putting a dent in the local and statewide housing shortage.”

DISC has committed to build 850 new units of housing and to be the single largest addition to Affordable housing in this history of Davis. The project proposal would be a mixed-use development where housing, commercial, R&D space, and manufacturing are all within walking distance. 

“Graduate students are keenly aware that Davis needs high tech jobs and private research space,” stated Gwen Chodur, GSA External Vice President.

“Graduate students, post-docs, and faculty come to Davis from all over the world, bringing their families and expertise to our community. Yet I know many partners of researchers affiliated with UC Davis who are forced to commute long distances outside of Davis since there are so few jobs in the area outside the campus.”

The DISC will be next heard at the Davis Planning Commission on June 10 and likely proceeding to a city council vote in early July. 

— The UC Davis Graduate Student Association is the official student body that represents approximately 5,000 UC Davis graduate students. The GSA is committed to advocating to improve the living and working conditions of graduates students on and off-campus. 

Originally published at the Davis Enterprise on June 2, 2020:

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For a Brighter Future, Vote Yes on Measure B

Davis is a special place, and DISC is a visionary project that lives up to our values. It is designed to solve the kinds of problems that plague humanity and our planet, attracting inspiring companies that are ready to be leaders in clean tech and sustainable agriculture. Measure B Davis, DISC will create many good and local green jobs and is committed to 100% clean energy sourcing. It makes the single biggest investment in affordable housing in the history of Davis. The project will bring millions of dollars to the City budget, more than a million to support Davis Joint Unified School District, and invest in amenities like sports fields open and accessible to all its neighbors. Change is inevitable, but DISC enables our City to plan for the future in a way that embraces environmental leadership, housing affordability, and thoughtful collaboration between UC Davis and the broader community. Vote Yes on Measure B.

Please join hundreds of community, education and business leaders who stand in support of Measure B and our movement to advance innovation and sustainability both here in Davis and beyond. For questions or inquiries please email Thank you. 

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